Annual General Meeting 2019

An organization’s annual general meeting (AGM) is the most important meeting of the year, with the Board of Directors, Executive, and general membership all in attendance.  At the meeting, the Board details agency performance and outlook, and all members vote on key issues relating to the organization including the election of Board members.  Due to the ongoing state of emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this meeting will be held virtually.

When:            Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Where:          Zoom Meeting – Details to be provided

Time:             5:30 pm –7:00 pm

Here are the membership requirements according to the Bylaws:

  • If you are a volunteer Advocate, a Friend or have been a participant in the Person-Directed Planning and Facilitation and Fetal Alcohol Resource Program in 2019-2020 your membership fee is $5.
  • If you are a WIMS member, a Sibling Group parent, a Person-Directed Planning and Facilitation or Fetal Alcohol Resource Program family member, a board member or a committee member in 2019-2020 your membership fee is $25.
  • If you are a Lifetime Networks member in 2019-2020, your membership fee is included in the annual membership fee for the program.

IMPORTANT: To be able to exercise your right to vote at the Annual General Meeting you will need to purchase a membership no later than May 26, 2020. Purchase of membership after May 26 will not qualify you to vote at this year’s AGM.

Purchase Membership by May 26, 2020 & RSVP by June 2, 2020

Please RSVP by June 2, 2020 by calling the office – 613-761-9522 or by email: