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Everyday Champions is a one-on-one match with a child, youth or adult with a disability; or a match with group home residents who have disabilities.

Through our matching programs we see profound differences in the lives of people with a disability. The benefits for those who are matched with a volunteer advocate may include: reduced loneliness and isolation, help to achieve hopes and dreams, assistance to develop personal networks and relationships, decreased vulnerability, increased self-confidence and improved mental and physical health

We support all types of disability: those with physical, intellectual, developmental or mental health challenges.

People need people.  We recognize the importance of friends and networks in our lives.  Every day, we see evidence of how personal relationships and networks help support and resolve personal and professional matters.  We use our networks to help others – whether it’s related to getting a job, finding a professional resource or for social and recreational purposes.  We rely on these rich personal networks and relationships. Many people with disabilities don’t have the benefit of these relationships.

Noor was 14 years old when her social worker at the OCTC recommended that her family investigate finding a volunteer Advocate. Their goal was to help Noor, who lives with Dandy Walker Syndrome, increase her independence, improve her social connections and to help her explore new things.

In July 2015, Noor was introduced to Parissa who was looking for a volunteer role that would allow her to give back to the community.

Noor and Parissa immediately hit it off and have been getting together approximately once a week. They both love to be active and this has been the focus of their outings. Some of things they enjoy doing together are going to the gym, swimming and walking Noor’s dog. Noor really enjoys the time she spends with Parissa and Parissa feels her life has been enriched by their friendship. The benefits of this match don’t stop there as Noor’s family are so happy to have Parissa in their life and to see Noor flourishing.

Noor & Parissa

Everyday Champions Match

If you would like to be matched with a volunteer Advocate please call and speak with one of our Social Workers.


“My friend Paul and I have been getting together on a regular basis every Tuesday evening for approximately fifteen years.

We enjoy each other’s company and the opportunity each week to share our respective goings on at home and work. Paul is a shawarma aficionado and over the years, I’ve become a devotee too. In fact, I’d estimate that we’ve been to at least 50 different shawarma restaurants! We also take in a movie occasionally and each year we attend Citizen Advocacy’s annual picnic and the holiday party. Also on an annual basis we try to get out of town for a day in Kingston or Montreal.

It really doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about RRSPs, what’s going on in the world of World Wrestling Federation (WWF) or how getting along with everyone at work can be challenging at times. We like to bounce ideas off each other and just generally offer up some moral support.

Not only has our friendship stood the test of time, but we see no good reason why it can’t continue for years to come.”

Jeff Ickovich

Advocate - Everyday Champions

Volunteer to make a real difference in your community as we work to reduce loneliness and isolation one person at a time.


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