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“A few years ago, our family decided to start building a network of support for our daughter, Julie. Extended family members live far away and our daughter, now 28 years old, only has one sibling. Making sure she has a supportive circle is particularly important as we plan for her future. Our family has been paired with Emmanuelle, a wonderfully patient and caring facilitator from the Lifetime Networks program.

Julie is passionate about country music and loves to have friends and to socialize, but her quiet and shy personality makes it challenging for her to make new friends. In the process of building her network, various happy coincidences have presented themselves. We have reconnected with a very special person, Catherine. When she was a student she worked with Julie, and Julie loved her. Through Facebook, Julie has also reconnected with Angela, a friend from elementary school.

 With Emmanuelle’s support, Julie presented at the In the Spotlight event last fall. Her presentation resulted in a few young women expressing an interest to join her circle of support. One of them, Hatav, who had not recognized Julie from her seat in the audience, was one of Julie’s counsellors at Camp Misquah the previous summer. Hatav has now joined Julie’s network.

Even though Julie doesn’t worry about her future, and doesn’t mind spending time on her own, she would suffer from social isolation if her parents were not around. With the gradual building of her network, we have noticed an improvement in her self-confidence and a generally happier disposition. We certainly hope and pray for more happy coincidences in building this important circle of support.”


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