Marilyn and Laurena have been matched for a year and have created a wonderful reminder of the joy their match has brought to each of them: a quilt.

As the experienced quilter Laurena took the lead deciding on the quilt pattern and teaching Marilyn how to make the quilt. Marilyn decided on the colours and fabric and added the purple wool ties that attach the backing and are the final finishing touch. The quilt has pride of place in Marilyn and her husband Roy’s bedroom.

Another significant accomplishment is that Marilyn and Laurena are starting to travel together around the city by bus. This is an important step towards one of the goals Marilyn identified in her initial conversations with the Citizen Advocacy team.

Citizen Advocacy was suggested to Marilyn by both her doctor and a social worker in 2010 and after several years on the waiting list the Citizen Advocacy team found just the right person to be her volunteer Advocate, Laurena. Marilyn wanted someone who shared her love of crafting, who was talkative, a good keeper of secrets and who would encourage her to take an interest in the outside world. During her discussions with Citizen Advocacy Laurena shared that after many years of moving around she “wanted to put down roots and to make meaningful connections”.

Laurena and Marilyn have many other things in common besides a love of crafting – talking, relaxing, an appreciation of the spiritual side of life, enjoying each other’s company, a love of cats and husbands who are both proud to be called “nerds”.

A year later, after weekly quilting sessions, trips to craft fairs and the Byward Market both agree that they are really happy to have each other in their lives and are certain their friendship will continue well into the future.


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