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Citizen Advocacy Ottawa Membership Form

Citizen Advocacy’s mission is to enhance personal choice and community participation for people living with disabilities through advocacy support. Do you believe in a community that welcomes and values the participation and contribution of all its citizens, including those who live with disabilities? Become a member of Citizen Advocacy today!

Membership includes*: The right to vote at the Annual General Meeting of Citizen Advocacy Ottawa, or the right to a proxy vote at the Annual General Meeting and notice of all Citizen Advocacy Ottawa hosted events.

*Membership is on a yearly basis and can be purchased at any time. Membership becomes effective on the date the membership request is approved by the Board of Directors of Ottawa. Membership expires at the following Annual General Meeting in the year the membership was purchased.

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Thank you for your support and belief in a community that welcomes and values all people with disabilities!

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*Membership fees for fee-for-service programs (Lifetime Networks, WIMS) include coverage for CAO membership for one person. Fee-for-service members must still confirm that they want to be a member of CAO by submitting the membership form.